• Laura Albanese (vocals)
  • Robin Aspland (piano and arrangements)
  • Dave Whitford (double bass)
  • Tristan MaillIot (drums)
  • Martin Shaw (flugelhorn)
  • Guillermo Hill (guitar)
  • Oli Savill (percussion)
  1. Flor De Lis (Djavan)
  2. Everybody's Song But Not My Own (Wheeler/Winstone)
  3. Pent-Up House (Rollins/Saarelaht)
  4. Portrait (Mingus)
  5. Black Nile (Shorter/Rashiek)
  6. Blue Skies/In Walked Bud (Berlin/Monk)
  7. Meditação (Jobim/Mendonça)
  8. Twisted (Gray/Ross)
  9. Here There And Everywhere (Lennon/McCartney)
  10. Moonray (Shaw/Madison/Quenzer)
  11. I Remember Clifford (Golson)
  12. Falsa Baiana/Sambo Do Avião (Pereira/Jobim)

I've seen all kinds of pictures
Most of the beauties of the world
From places I've travelled I still recall
This quaint melody as I thrill
Painting my own pictures in tones
I've painted all mother earth
Both flowers that brave the mourn,
tones color the life she's borne
I've tried to paint her beauties
From radiant skies to deep blue seas the sky as she changes her glamour
Dawn's pale blue, sunset's amber
The winds and the rain
The lull on the plains leaves on the ground
Mountains gray brown
Tipped with a dash of
Glowing white snow

This is the song I feel that most represents my life, my journeys, the things I have done, the places I have seen, the people I have met, the images, the sounds, the smiles and the eyes I still recall. Its lyrics inspired the concept and the title of my album.

Questo è il brano che sento rappresentare di più la mia vita, i miei viaggi, le cose che ho fatto, i posti che ho visto, la gente che ho incontrato, le immagini, i suoni,i sorrisi e gli sguardi che ancora tornano alla mia mente. Nei suoi versi ho trovato l’idea per il mio album e l’ispirazione per il suo titolo.