It started some years ago with a group of musician friends fond of jazz and so much looking forward to making music together. Searching for the sound, the groove, with an originality that later on characterized the style of the group and led to  the choice of the repertoire: Metheny, Shorter, Scofield,original songs and standard jazz tunes revisited with the unmistakable taste of JOM.

I am so proud and glad to have found with my great friend Luca Giardini, the JOM and have seen the group grow and live this unforgettable experience made of great Friendship and music complicity, happy to contribute giving the name to the group known as the JOM, Jazz on Monday!

Many tunes have left a sign in my musical path and in my heart among the ones I have sung with JOM, but for sure “Strange Fruit” and “Afro Blue” re-arranged together to be adapted to our theatrical performances in a blend of jazz music and modern dance, as well as the madness of “Twisted” and the softness of “The Nearness of You” are those that will always bring back memories and stay in my mind and my heart whenever I think about the JOM.

And from London, I wish the JOM, and all the friends and musicians who have been playing with it and still do, the best of Success, Happiness and lots of great Music to be played together in great harmony and with the original sound that characterizes our "Jazz On Monday"!