I have always loved Music, any kind. Music marks most of the memorable times and journeys of my life and also helped me out during tough times. Classical Music and Opera and Neapolitan songs are the soundtrack of my childhood in Italy. The uplifting and optimistic sound of Balkan and Gypsy music accompanied me during my long stay in Belgrade.

Listening to Carlos Gardel songs while in Buenos Aires made me closer and fond of Tango gloomy songs and while in Brazil I approached Bossanova tunes and Brazilian rhythms.

Laura was born in Rome, Italy but has been living and working in several places around the world (London, Vienna, Belgrade, Washington D.C., Buenos Aires) where she also has studied foreign languages and music.

She made a lot of good friends travelling around the world and with most of them she is still in touch after all these years. She loves travelling and meeting new people, visiting amazing places around the world, taking thousands of pictures that she likes to collect and look over and over to brush up memories of interesting faces and smiles she met along the way and images and landscapes which passed through her life.

She loves singing and also studying in deep the voice in all its forms, as an instrument and as the expression of our internal emotions, that's why she learned seven foreign languages and also studied diction, acting, and film dubbing and of course singing.