The JOM was born in 2005 within the jazz impro lab at the Scuola Popolare Musica Testaccio, Rome, from an idea of Laura Albanese and Luca Giardini whose only target was musical experimentation in jazz, with sounds and harmonies with a contemporary edge.

For a vision centered on the importance of the bass lines and not forgetting tradition and repertoire, ideas came to life, suggestions, arrangements and original songs of the musicians who have given their contribution in achieving the sound of the group. Many musicians came and went along the years, providing their human and musical contribution: Monica Mangoni (sax), Remy Grossi (drums), Stefano Moretti (sax), Giampiero Mastrigli (bass), Luigi Beccafichi (sax), Giancarlo Ciaralli (drums), Sarah Washington (piano), Laura Albanese (vocal), Luca Giardini (guitar), Cristiano Correddu (sax), Giulia di Cintio (bass), Sarah Della Giustina (piano), Maria Teresa Visconte (vocal), Luca Monaldi (drums), Franco Zanirato (doublebass), Federico Cecili (sax), Marco Piloni (bass), Riccardo Raponi (drums), Deborah Sebastiani (vocal).

JOM's name derives from the day on which rehearsals at several recording studios where taking place, it was Monday! Jazz on Monday! JOM!