Born in Rome, Italy. Laura lives and works in several countries (Austria, United Kingdom, Jugoslavia, United States of America and Argentina) where she also studies foreign languages and music.


  • Singing (Broadway Shows Repertoire) and vocal technique lessons and piano lessons, in Washington D.C. USA with Chris Forbes
  • Jazz Dance classes in Washington, D.C., USA

1998 - 2001

  • School of Music "Musica e Arte" - Rome, Italy
  • Piano lessons, Maestro Giorgio Scardino
  • Singing lessons, Maestro Simone Veccia
  • Theatre Lab, directed by Antonio Ferrara
  • Tango dancing classes in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Course of Diction and Film Dubbing at Titania Studios in Rome, Italy with Serena Michelotti.
  • Film Dubbing at Studio Uno, Studio Due, Fono Roma, Coop. Cortese in Rome, Italy.

1999 - 2006

  • Sings as Soprano in Gospel Choir Mount Green People (Rome, Italy) directed by Maestro Clizia Aloisi and with the participation of jazz and soul singer Harold Bradley and musician Tony Scott.

2000 - 2007

  • Music studies at the Scuola Popolare Musica Testaccio, Rome, Italy (music theory, solfeggio, ear training, jazz harmony, jazz choir, jazz impro, vocalist and rhytmic section, opera workshop, vocal technique studies, etc.) with the following teachers/musicians: Manuela Garroni, Massimo Monti, Roberto Spadoni, Nino De Rose, Joan Logue, Angelo Schiavi, Giuppi Paone, Angela Citterich, Roberto Nicoletti, Paolo Cintio, Roberto Altamura. Vocal jazz impro with Nina Pedersen, Giovanni Ceccarelli, Ada Montellanico, Marcello Allulli, Fernando Brusco, Stefano Diotallevi, Barry Harris.
  • Attends several workshops and masterclass:
  • Musicals laboratory directed by Giuppi Paone and Angela Citterich
  • canto armonico (harmonic singing) with Roberto Laneri
  • Indian Music (rhythm and singing) with Aki Montoya and Pepè Fiore
  • Jazz singing with Giacomo Gates, Elizabeth Howard.
  • Jazz impro techniques with Massimo Nunzi, Enrico Pieranunzi.
  • Jazz workshops at the International Jazz Festival (Roccella Jonica, Italy) where in 2006 she wins a scholarship in jazz singing
  • Sings as soprano in the Musicals Lab and in the Gospel Choir and as an Alto with the SPMT Jazz Choir (TJ Voices) directed by Giuppi Paone.

2005 - 2008

  • Several jazz improvisation workshops organized by the SPMT of Rome, Italy, followed by a series of performances with different bands during the "Estate Romana" festival and various other events and festivals in Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany with the participation of Maurizio Urbani and Paolo Cintio.
  • With her great friend, the Italian guitar player Luca Giardini, founds the JOM Quintet collaborating with the band until 2008 when she moves to London, UK.
  • Participates as guest star at several performances of the Tessalonica Jazz Quintet directed by Gianluca Sacco, in Rome, Italy.

2008 - 2013

  • Moves to London and studies with BBC Music Award Winner and 2013 British Award Winner for Best Vocals Category,Anita Wardell. Participates to various workshops in UK and France with Anita Wardell, Tristan Mailliot, Robin Aspland, Jeremy Brown, Barry Green, Rob Barron, Sheila Jordan, Cerys Hogg, Jack Jaffe, Clare Foster.
  • Attends courses of Jazz Harmony/Ear Training, and vocal jazz impro at the City Literary Institute (London, UK) with Cerys Hogg.
  • Masterclass with Sheila Jordan in London, UK.
  • Masterclass with Cathy Walkup in London, UK.
  • Workshops with Sheila Jordan, Elizabetta Antonini, Susanna Stivali al St. Louis College of Music of Rome, Italy.
  • Masterclass on Brazilian rhythms with Clare Foster, Guillermo Hill and Andreas Ticino.
  • Performs at the "Schlott" in Berlin, Germany with the TJVoices, at "Bar Lenuccia" in London, UK with the London Jazz Singers, in various jazz clubs and pubs in London at "Troubadour", "Halo Bar" with Francesca Romana Fabris, and as a soloist at the "Vortex Jazz Club", "Duke of York" in London and at the Domaine de Belair in France.
  • Participates to the annual "Angela Carrington Audition" in London, UK.
  • Takes part to the Songsuite Vocal Jazz Festival at Café Posk in Hammersmith, London as part of the Loire Singers Showcase, accompanied by Robin Aspland, Tristan Maillot and Dave Whitford.
  • Sings as an Alto with the London Jazz Singers directed by Brendan Dowse.
  • Ballroom dancing classes at the Murray Dancing School.
  • Jazz, Musical and Tap dancing classes at the Danceworks in London.

In 2013 she records her first CD as a soloist "Pictures in Tones", produced by Anita Wardell and featuring Robin Aspland (piano), Dave Whitford (doublebass), Tristan Mailliot (drums), Martin Shaw (flugelhorn), Guillermo Hill (guitar) and Oli Savill (percussion), recorded at the Red Gables Studio by Dick Hammett. The CD has been released in October 2013.