2000 to 2007

Several concerts at the SPMT Headquarter "Concert Hall" in Testaccio, Rome, Italy and various clubs: Il Posto delle Fragole Club, Be Bop Jazz Club, Four Green Fields Pub, Mitreo, Parco dell'Aniene, locali vari in Umbria e Toscana (open-air jazz festivals in Umbria and Tuscany), Estate Romana "Fiesta" Capannelle, Teatro Manzoni a Roma (Manzoni Theatre, Rome).

Several performances with the JOM Quintet directed by Luca Giardini, the Tessalonica Jazz Quintet directed by Gianluca Sacco, recording of "Option Blues" by Remy Grossi with Remy Grossi and the Tessalonica Jazz Quintet. Performances at Cantina Jazz and Jazz Underground and several other clubs in Rome, accompanied, among others and in various occasions, by Stefano Diotallevi (piano), Roberto Altamura (drums), Luca Giardini (guitar), Max Greco (guitar), Pasquale Iannarella (sax), Stefano Arduini (sax), Stefano Moretti (sax), Adolfo Marino (trumpet), Marco Contessi (double-bass), Gigi Rossi (double-bass), Andrea Bongiovanni (drums).